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Complementary Medicine

Complementary Medicine

Norway Veterinary Hospital is proud to have added two new complementary methodologies to our already warm approach to animal care. These additional offerings focus on bringing love, comfort, peace, and calm to the injured, ill, or boarded animals at our hospital.

While our practice has always treated the animals brought to us with personal interest and excellent traditional medicine, these techniques allow us to treat the whole animal and address both their emotional and physical needs.

We offer reiki to provide peace and comfort to the animals that come to us for care.  We also provide custom flower essences to those who need it to help with trauma, fear, anxiety, loneliness, or any other emotions that humans might feel in the same situation.

You’ve probably heard or read with increasing frequency that medicine and medical treatment are at their most effective when the patient has a good attitude, strong spirit, and a peaceful acceptance of the science being used to treat his or her condition. And you probably have learned over time that the power of love can do wonders.

Veterinary medicine is no different. By adding complementary medicine to our service offerings, Norway Veterinary Hospital is able to heal the spirit and mind as well as the body.

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